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Godparent Certificate for Patti the zebra

Godparent Certificates

Available for a donation of $50.

When you become a godparent to one of the ranch's residents we will send you a "Godparent Certificate" along with a photo of your chosen godchild (or godchildren!).

These also make terrific gifts to youngsters from thoughtful parents and grandparents!

Your support allows us to feed and care for the animals.
100% of all donations goes towards animal care. The Sanctuary is run entirely by volunteers and we have NO paid staff.

To buy Godparent Certificates:

Just select each animal you wish to get a certificate for from the drop down list of available animals and add them to your shopping cart.

We will mail you the certificate with the name of the Godparent left blank. If you plan on giving it as a gift and would like us to fill in the name and deliver it directly the recipient please just enter the desired shipping address at checkout and enter specific directions about the name(s) you would like on the certificate(s) in the space provided on the checkout page .